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Semeru Inti Sukses

PT. Semeru Inti Sukses

PT Semeru Tehnik established since 1979 to contribute to the development of Indonesia through the distribution of Diesel Engines, Spare Parts and Material Support In Agriculture, Marine, Mining and Forestry.Due to the company was growing rapidly from year to year, PT Semeru Tehnik want to develop a greater effort by establishing PT Semeru Inti Sukses by providing the needs of industries such as Exhaust Fan, Centrifugal, Axial Fan Etc.Office : Jl. Raden Saleh No 8 Surabaya Phone : (031) 5358158, 5358159 (Hunting) Fax : (031) 5358157 Mobile : 081 7938 7577, 081252327117 Whats App : 081217922281 Line: 081217922281 / Sis_Fan BBM : 553A07A9 Email : sisfan2012@gmail.com sales@semeruintisukses.comSEMARANG Jl. MT.Haryono 728, semarangEmail : salessmgsemeruintisukses@gmail.comNo telp : 024-76441323 0812-3507-2775 0821-4642-7290 0821-3402-1853JAKARTA Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.127, Gedung Ltc Glodok Lt GFI, Blok B5 no.2,3,5,8 Jakarta BaratEmail : spectekglodok@gmail.comNo. Telp : 0813-9866-7778

Industrial Fan Center
As population growth grows, many houses, factories or industries need a good place for air circulation. For that we need a good ventilation system so that the place can be occupied comfortably. One of the systems for ventilators is the presence of an Industrial Fan or commonly referred to as a ventilator turbine which can make the flow of air circulation more smoothly. This industrial fan is very suitable for use, now that the denser places make the air more musty and need a good venstilation system in the room. With so many market demands we as an Industrial Fan Center sells various types of Industrial Fans, please choose according to your needs.

Complete Industrial Fan Center
With so many companies selling industrial fans, you should choose companies that provide good quality so that these industrial fans can last a long time. For this reason, we as an industrial fan center sell industrial fans of good quality and of course have passed quality control so they can be sold. Of course, in addition to selling high quality Industrial Fans, we also guarantee the Industrial Fans that we sell if you buy them.

Selling Exhaust Ducting
Semeru Inti Sukses as an industrial fan center Sell Ducting Exhaust, is a system that connects hoods to the industrial chimney through other components of the exhaust system such as fans, collectors, etc. Ducting is a low-pressure pneumatic conveyor for carrying dust, particles, shavings, smoke, or hazardous chemical components from surrounding air to shop floors or other specific locations such as tanks, sandpaper machines, or laboratory hoods. Exhaust ducting can be made from a variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC and fiberglass. As an Industrial Fan Center, we provide Ducting Exhaust that can be made by rolling (preferably for ducts of 12 "or more in diameter) or extruded (for channels up to 18").

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So if you are looking for an Industrial Fan Center or Selling Exhaust we have a complete Industrial Fan, Exhaust Fan and other industrial equipment. For information in the form of product details, availability of goods, and prices, please contact us to get the best offer.






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